Angular vs React: Which One to Choose For Your Next Project?

Many times it’s difficult to select a Javascript framework, especially when we have more option with the same feature and that has the capability to meet the project need. At that phase, it requires deliberation to select a proper framework. In contrast, it requires different parameters to compare the performance of the framework.

In Angular vs React, we compare both technologies, differences, similarities, and use cases that help you to select the best.

Let’s get started.



Angular is the component based web app framework that is used to build scalable online applications. It has integrated features, defined libraries like routing, client-server communication.


React is one of the popular open-source front-end development libraries written in Javascript. It was mostly used in making interactive user interfaces with declarative and component-based characteristics. Moreover, the developer can learn once and work anywhere approach as it is easy to learn and create scalable and rapid applications.

Angular vs React : The Differences

React is a well known JSX based Javascript library. In contrast, Angular is a Javascript framework. Moreover, Angular is used for developing complex enterprise applications such as progressive web applications and single-page applications, whereas React is used to build UI components in applications with regular variable data. The learning curve of React is moderate, on the other hand, Angular has a steeper learning curve due to its wide number of built-in features.

The traits make Angular vs React different from its fundamental. Thus, let’s compare in the common ground.

Angular Traits

The front-end development framework Angular is the fastest way to construct data-driven applications. It ensures the stability of code and efficiency. Moreover, it has model-view-controller ability, it enhances the functionality of browser-based apps by decreasing the quantity of javascript code that is required to keep for operating projects.

Angular has Rxjs and AngularCLI built technologies that are simpler to exchange channels, construct data with independent event handles. Moreover, with Angular, debugging errors, adding files, creating apps is the breeze.

It quickly does the server-side rendering.

It enhances overall performance.

Companies using Angular are Upwork, PayPal, localities, etc.

React Traits

React is free to use open-source framework. This is used to create reusable UI components and also manage view layers. Moreover, it is scalable and fast to change the data without loading the webpage. React is more used in large-scale applications as it loads site data without refreshing.

React contains a redux state that creates quick, scalable applications like dynamic elements.

React has many external entities for certain functions, and to get that interactive functionality, it requires developers.

React is also used to convert JSX to Javascript to get better browser compatibility.
Code, bundler, web pack are used in React.

The companies that used React are New York Times, Netflix, etc.

Take Away

If you are developing a small sized application, then React will work well, but that does not mean that you can’t use React in the giant application, but if you are working on an enterprise-level application, Angular is a wide choice.

React works in the simplest way as it uses UI components. However, you can hire Reactjs developer to solve all your queries and build your application as per your requirements. Similarly, Angular is capable of managing different tasks without the need of external assistance.




A Software Engineer with 3 years of experience in Software development. Visit me at

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Hilal Ahmad

Hilal Ahmad

A Software Engineer with 3 years of experience in Software development. Visit me at

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